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Getting A Better Understanding


One of the first challenges that we face as parents, family, and friends is learning how to communicate with our LGBTQIA+ loved one. We don’t realize the influence that powerful political groups have had on limiting our ability to think. Inaccurate stereotypes are used to create fear and distrust, usually to justify illegal and immoral hateful behavior towards the marginalized group. 


 For example, African American people were defined as inferior by the dominant political and religious groups during the period of segregation and this provided the groups supporters the economic benefit of low wage workers and complete control of the labor market. In hindsight, these injustices seem obvious but the widespread agreement with this deranged thinking helped laws to be created to enable the public theft of African American earning power and creative social contributions. 


In a similar manner people from the LGBTQIA+ community have been the victim of inaccurate stereo types that have been designed to label people from the community as “abnormal”. Powerful religious and ethnic groups have created a toxic hostile environment that distorts the judgement of otherwise clear-thinking loving people. We are taught that only heterosexual behavior is “normal” and that masculine behavior is for males and feminine behavior should only be displayed by females. However, human behavior exists on a wider spectrum and the almost limitless options for existence are really what should be defined as “normal”. 


Please take a look at the charts on this page to get a better understanding of the potential options for human existence. We highly recommend that you get a copy of the book “The Savvy Ally” which beautifully and skillfuly helps you to understand the journey that your LGBTQIA+ loved one is on AND the unique separate journey that parents, family, and friends must walk to be supporters of their LGBTQIA+ loved ones. Please click on this link to purchase a copy of the  book (Also available in audiobook format).

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