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Welcome To Yellow Brick Roads

First Pride Event

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Jalon Howard -Organization Advisor
Jill Bruger-Event Coordinator
Jillian Hinton-Event Coordinator
Stephon Howard- Event Photography & Music Coordinator
Cheri Howard-Event Coordinator
Wayne Howard-Community Organizer
Quentin  Howard-Social Media


Our Story

This website was created because my wife and I are the parents of beautiful LGBTQIA+ children that we have been deeply in love with since the day that they were born, and we would like to share our experience with other people who have discovered that they have friends and family from the LGBTQIA+

When we look back over the years as our children were developing, we
attempted to raise them with love and discipline like most parents, but we were completely in the dark when it came to raising LGBTQIA+ children. We both grew up in a generation that was homophobic, and our religious beliefs created a tension and internal struggle that made us search for answers in all the wrong places.

For us, the starting point and foundation of our search for understanding has always been love.  We are crazy in love with both of our children, and NOTHING will ever change that. If you are the parent, family, or friend of an LGBTQIA+ individual please make LOVE the starting point and the eternal foundation of your
relationship with your loved one.

It is extremely important that you realize that your LGBTQIA+ loved one is on a beautiful lifelong journey of self-discovery that will take them through mountains and valleys, and they will need your support, patience, and understanding to help them successfully navigate their journey.

But what is equally important is that you realize that “YOU” are also on a beautiful lifelong journey of discovery that is going to challenge your previous way of thinking and enlarge your capacity to understand and love LGBTQIA+ people that you have seen, but ignored, all your life.

You and your LGBTQIA+ loved one are both on your own separate roads of discovery. We wish that we had understood this reality when we realized that we had an LGBTQIA+ child because it would have made our journey a hell of a lot easier. Discuss this reality with your loved one and promise to, first and foremost, never lose sight of your love for each other.

Wayne & Cheri Howard

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